Low Glucose level

Posted by Iman @iman_im, Oct 10, 2016

I have been diabetic since 27 years now, i’m now 40. through the journey with this i have had multiple hypo commas and i am surprised why it is not working for me to avoid this. Now i am very much scared every day of this, not easily sleeping
any similar cases?

Do you have a snack before bed. I will have a half piece of a graham cracker with some peanut butter.


yes i started doing this now as a way to calm myself from the fear 🙂
My problem is highest when i have to eat a heavy dinner at night time and so i have to increase the insulin dose. mainly after three hours i have a low and sometimes i would be sleeping at this time


@iman_im I was thinking about you and just wanted to check in to see how you are doing with the management of your sugar levels and insulin dosing.

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