Lost sight after a stroke

Posted by Betty @hazelnut, Oct 3, 2019

Is it possible to have sight restored after damage to eye from a stroke?

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I know there is therapy for loss or impairment of eyesight after a stroke and that it should be included in any rehab. Not sure if complete vision is reversible but I have heard of vision improvement. That’s all I am aware of and it’s a scary topic. I’m sure someone on the Mayo Forum knows about it. Is there a Stroke topic here? If not maybe you could start one.

Regards from FL Mary


Hi, @hazelnut – glad you've connected with @imallears on your query.

We do indeed have a Stroke & Cerebrovascular Diseases group on Connect that you may wish to check out https://connect.mayoclinic.org/group/cerebrovascular-diseases/. In the meantime, I've left this discussion you started in the Eye Conditions group and also given it a relationship with the Stroke group so those members can also see it and participate.

@brightwings @shamilton @captainmidnight @hopeful33250 may have some input for you on possible reparation for eye damage from a stroke.

Wondering if you'd share a bit more about the kind of stroke you experience and what type of eye damage has resulted from it? Sounds like your vision may be poorer in some way than before the stroke?

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