Loss of sense of taste and smell

Posted by janvm @janvm, Mar 27, 2018

Hello. My son fell in July 2017 and hit the back of his head. He lost his sense of taste and smell since then. I am so concerned, he has not seen a neurologist nor had an MRI nor any treatment of the condition. Any discussion regarding diagnosis tools, severity, and treatment options to potentially regain taste and smell would be greatly appreciated.

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I'm not a doctor. However, I have had some success with my Mother's lost of taste and smell due to dementia-related cognitive impairment. The body is incredible and capable of neurogenesis at any stage in life, but it needs the best of nutrients and therapy to do so. We keep a plethora of aromatherapy oils, and scents from her past at the ready in so that even though she says she can't smell anything on a given day, the brain may be sensing otherwise. Same with taste, she claims that her taste is totally gone – til we slipped one of those super sour sweets onto her dessert tray – she almost took to flight biting into one of those things! Keep testing the taste buds, and olfactory bulbs, because it is doing good and possible regenerative work – regardless of the awareness and or feedback of those that are attempting to sense!


@janvm – thinking of you, and wondering how your son is doing with the loss of his sense of taste and smell?

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