loss of eyesight

Posted by katebosfort @katebosfort, Dec 9, 2016

my 8-year old daughter had her eyes checked two days ago and the doctor said her eyesight in the right eye is 85 % , and 100 in the left one.
she prescribed glasses for three months but did not explain much.
so here is my question -is there a chance of her eyesight improving? or will we just be trying to keep what we got now? thanks

@katebosfort, Hello and Welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. Here you will find support from others experiencing similar health concerns. Thank you for starting a discussion about your daughters vision. We will wait to see if other members will weigh in on this discussion.

In the meantime, it would be beneficial for you to contact your daughters ophthalmologist and ask for a copy of her medical record or note from your visit for your own record. You may also request to have your Physician call you to answer the question about her eyesight improving. Sometimes while consulting with a physician it’s easy to miss conversation or for medical staff to believe they are painting a clear picture for the patient. It’s our job as patients to be advocates for our healthcare. However, I always think of more questions after I leave the doctors office which I believe is normal. At Mayo Clinic, we have a nice communication tool called the patient portal where you can send an online message to your doctor post visit.

Did your physician ask for a return visit at the 3 month mark to recheck your daughters eyes? Were they planning on comparing the eye exam from two days ago to what her vision will be in 3 months? Can you tell me if she was having trouble in school or how did you notice she was needing to see an Ophthalmologist?

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