Share your Post-COVID-19 Success Stories - Steps toward recovery

Posted by Sue, Volunteer Mentor @sueinmn, Aug 25, 2021

We are increasingly seeing people who have what is being called "Long Covid" – the debilitating after effects of a Covid infection – sometimes even a mild case. Since this is such a new condition, many people feel they are out there "all alone with nobody to help." Primary providers often have limited experience in treating the condition, and few resources to offer.

There is a discussion by people who are currently suffering, and getting terribly discouraged here:

But this discussion is a way to offer hope and encouragement to other. Please, if you have overcome lingering effects of a Covid infection, or have learned some strategies for getting better, share with us to give a ray of hope to others.

Share programs attended, exercises or other strategies which helped you. You don't have to be completely "cured" to post here, just on your way.

Thank you for being willing to share help and hope with others.

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