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Looking for people w/ either Dimentia w/ Lewy bodies, PSP or Frontal Lobe Dimentia

Posted by @kathryn04, Apr 11, 2012

hello- my husband is suspected of maybe having one or more of these diseases but has yet to really be diagnosed. He has symptons of each but not all …but some of the more promient symptons ( like hallucinations withe the DLB) he doesnt have and he doens’t have the falls; never has…but yes his gate his off and his biggest problem is cognitive….and now he is humming all the time, even at night and is beginning to drool. Also his breathing sucks even though he has had 2 full pulmonary work up and they cant find anything wrong. Here is a guy who ran 4-6 miles every other day and was in great shape. Now he is always tired, has personality changes, forgets just about everything short term, has gained obsession with lottery tickets ( and might I mention never was a spender before this). I am looking to talk with people who have these diseases so compare their symptoms with his. Any insight would be wonderful,



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Posted by @jimandsharynp, Apr 16, 2012

Hi, My wife has PSP and here are the symptoms. Perhaps some of them will ring a bell with your husband. Frequent falls (mostly backwards), VERY small handwriting, soft voice (very hard to hear), problems swallowing (chokes or coughs when swallowing but not all the time, shuffling gate/walk, apathy (leaving things unfinished, cupboards open, drawers open, leaving clothes on floor. Mentally she is fine. If your husband is on medications many of them can cause hallucinations and odd behavior. Hope this helps.


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Posted by @afoster80, Mar 24, 2016

a good neursurgeon can identify this disease…can be mistaken for parkinson

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