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Looking for men or their partners - staged T3N0M0 at surgery

Posted by @joy in Cancer, Jul 29, 2011

I am trying to find men who were staged at T3N0M0 at surgery (or their partners) and then went on to have PSA rise. I'm wondering what kind of treatment they had at that point. These are men who were determined to have prostate cancer that had breached the prostate wall but had no evidence of spread to lymph nodes, bladder, bone based on MRI, bone scans, etc. Thanks.

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Posted by @stevee, Nov 8, 2011

I was T3NOMO with a positive margin.I had surgery at age 50. Then exterior beam radiation (IMRT) while on lupron for 3 years. I had recurrence at age 57. I have beeen on intermittent lupron for two years.


Posted by @joy, Nov 9, 2011

How are you feeling? Does your PSA go down with each administration of Lupron? My husband was turned away when he was referred for salvage radiation after surgery. I was hoping to ontact someone else who had had the radiation and was "cured" as a result. He did not have positive margins Wishing you well in this ugly fight. Jo


Posted by @stevee, Nov 9, 2011

I'm having the normal lupron side effects but I feel good. My PSA drops under .1 when I'm on lupron. I would think radiation might help your husband if his PSA is rising. Is he being treated at the Mayo?

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