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Looking for info or someone with transverse myelitis

Posted by @reb2011 in Just Want to Talk, Feb 22, 2012

March 2011 my husband woke up on a week end suddenly not being able to move his legs, lost the ability to walk, dont have control of his bladder and bowel movement problem. He was rushed to er and after extensive tests the diagnosis was transverse myelitis. Up until that day, he was a perfectly healthy person because he did not have any other underlying medical condition and all tests came back negative, it was categorized as idiopathic. He stayed at the hospital for 12 days, was given steroid, pain meds and everything else to keep him stable. He was later discharge to a rehab where he spend a month of daily theraphy and meds. By the time he went home, he was still under the care of in home therapist with continous meds to take everyday. As we are getting close to a year anniversary, although, there's a slight improvement, he still is in wheel chair and not able to walk. Today, we just came back from his doctor's appt which it gets more frustrating when it seems like there is nothing else that doctors can do..while I understand that this seems like a puzzle but I also wonder why we can't seem to get precise information as to how this condition is treated..Is TM really that uncommon?..I would appreciate it very much to hear from anyone who suffers or care for someone with TM...thank you....

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Posted by @bettysue, Apr 17, 2012

my husband and i was camping with grandkids on spring break on the 23rd of march of this year i was standing in the camper when all of a sudden pain hit me in my lower back and it was so horrible i lost the use of both legs. and they had to call an amblance tocome and get me. i stayed in the hospital in for 5 days them giving me steroids thru iv. the pain was still very bad. i had 5 doctors and a person that came in and did nerve tests on my left leg come in and not one could tell me what it was. i left there and went to another hospital and they sent me to another dr. he said it was transverse myelitis. by that time i had use of my right leg and was walking with a walker. the pain was still very bad. he said i had a mile case of it. thank the good lord . i am undergoing therphy and do a lot of exercise thru them as of today thank the lord, i am walking by myself, and i can do some chores around the house. i am so sorry to hear that your husband is so bad. but dont give up god is our healer and he can restore his health. i dont know how rare this stuff is but i know its painful.

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