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Looking for a referall to a PERIPHERAL NERVE SPECIALIST OR INSTITUTION who has experience with groin pain?

Posted by @keri, Mar 10, 2013

For the past 4 yrs I have daily, chronic right sided inguinal nerve pain. It extends into my hip, at times down my inner thigh. I have had several stimulator trials, RFA, steriods injections, PT,meds,consults,chiro,accupuncture. I believe my ilioinguinal-hypogastric-gentifemoral nerve is damaged. I do not have any genital pain so I don’t think I have pudendal nerve involvement.

I have researched the internet and there are institutes that do specialize in my type of pain but would like to know if anyone has saw a doc & have they had any luck?

Also, has anybody had denervation done or removal of thier peripheral nerves?
Thanks, Keri



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Posted by @eifeltower, Thu, Jun 22 5:10pm

Hi Keri,have suffered for five years now,it’s really awful isn’t it,in same area,pudendial nerve,pain everyday.Accupuncture got me out of pain after five month treatment fo first time but then my pain specialist sent me to his sports Physio who completely wrecked me again by setting off the nerve all over again,wishing terrible things on him after five years of pain.On crutches since,four months now,too painful to walk without them,one complete idiot of a sports Physio.Am back doing Accupuncture,sixteen sessions so far and no relief.Maybe give Accupuncture another go for longer,though I have to say at sixteen sessions I am despairing.Francisco.

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