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Looking for a referall to a PERIPHERAL NERVE SPECIALIST OR INSTITUTION who has experience with groin pain?

Posted by @keri in Just Want to Talk, Mar 10, 2013

For the past 4 yrs I have daily, chronic right sided inguinal nerve pain. It extends into my hip, at times down my inner thigh. I have had several stimulator trials, RFA, steriods injections, PT,meds,consults,chiro,accupuncture. I believe my ilioinguinal-hypogastric-gentifemoral nerve is damaged. I do not have any genital pain so I don't think I have pudendal nerve involvement.

I have researched the internet and there are institutes that do specialize in my type of pain but would like to know if anyone has saw a doc & have they had any luck?

Also, has anybody had denervation done or removal of thier peripheral nerves?
Thanks, Keri

Tags: peripheral neuritis, groin pain

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