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Long Term Chemobrain

Posted by @jbduffy1, Nov 8, 2011

I had chemo 6 years ago. My Time Management and short term memory are shot. After trying to compensate at work, I had a nervous breakdown. Now every little thing sets me off. I take 30Mg citalopram and Xanax everyday to stay in control.

My psycologyst looks at me like I am a dope. I get the feeling no one believes me. My thoughts are spinning all the time. I complained to my Oncologyst for years.

Does anyone have the same side effects? My insurance is fighting me all the way and I need a specialist that understands



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Posted by @momofthree, Nov 10, 2011

I had radiation over 2 yrs ago and started having anxiety and fear of leaving the house last fall. Xanax has helped me a great deal if I don’t take it I start getting very anxious. I would try a different psycologyst and don’t give up! I can no longer multitask my shorterm memory is crap and I don’t expect it to improve. But I’m alive and cherish every laugh and smile on my children’s faces. Sorry about your insurance.


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Posted by @imdavidson, Nov 12, 2011

Hi Jbduffy,

I’m sorry to hear what you’ve been going through. Many people who have gone through cancer treatment report the same symptoms. In fact, the Americans With Disabilities Act now recognizes chemo brain as a legitimate diagnosis for people who need accommodations in the workplace.

I have an entire blog devoted to this topic and I invite you and anyone else who is interested to read the articles there. I would also suggest that you use the search box to find information that will help you specifically. For example, plug in employment or ADA, or memory or multitasking or word retrieval, etc.

You’ll find my blog at

I have also co-authored a book on the subject and you’ll find information about that as well.

All the best.


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Posted by @bcsurvivor2006, Nov 29, 2011

I had chemo 5 1/2 years ago and I know that chemo brain is very real.In fact,mine gets worse instead of improving.I am so disorganized that I am embarrased.I start cleaning house and I start 10 different tasks at once and never finish any of them.I feel like I’m just spinning my wheels.I call the kids the dogs’ name and vice versa.I never know what day it is,I miss appointments,forget where I’m going and what everyday items names (pencils,etc).The only thing I found that helped at all was the drug Provigil.some call it the smart pill because alot of college students use it to be sharper and stay awake for exams.It is very very expensive with no generic and my insurance won’t cover it.

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