Living with Vertigo

Posted by Meme Anne @memeanne, Mar 23, 2012

I am 55 years old & have always had allergies and sinus and ear infections several times a year. In addition I often have vertigo episodes that vary in severity. It is very depressing. Sometimes it will come on with a bad headache out of the blue and sometimes I just turn my head the wrong way and I’m down on the floor spinning and throwing up. Several times its been so bad I’ve had to be taken to the ER. I keep Meclazine with me at all times. I’ve been to several specialist & had every test run known to mankind. Thankfully nothing is neurologically abnormal. I went to the State’s top ENT specialist at Texas Tech and he says in addition to allergies, sinus & ear infections I have bppv. We tried the epsy manuveurs but the vertigo would be so violent I’d have to be taken to the ER. I’m thinking of trying an allergist. It’s just so depressing having to take meds that make me sleepy & grumpy. I’m married, work full time, take care of my elderly mom and have 8 grandkids to keep up with. Does anyone have any suggestions or magic pills to fix this?

look carefully at the antihistamines that u maybe taking also antinausea. I am not allowed to take any of these that cross the blood brain barrier. Claratyne is the only antihistamine & NO stemetil which makes dizziness worse. marytea13


I had vertigo for four years after being rear ended in a car accident. Tried traditional chiropractic and accupuncture and would only get temporary relief. Was looked at by several ENT’s who quickly threw out Meniere’s Disease as a diagnosis. Then, the answer came. I was introduced to an upper cervical chiropractor and learned that the axis and atlas bones needed to be adjusted (which are not addressed with traditional chiropracters) In short, my head wasn’t on straight! To my amazement, within days relief came and I have been vertigo free ever since. I want to shout it to the mountaintops!!! There are a host of other issues that this treatment can fix, and will most likely help or cure your allergies etc. It’s safe and wonderful! Much success to you my friend!!!

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