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Living with Fibromyalgia

Posted by @fibrovictory in Just Want to Talk, Oct 15, 2012

I have been living with Fibro since May 9, 2007. Probably before that, but something different happened that day. I remember the day so well because we had an evangelist visiting from Australia & I had been looking forward to hearing him. I was sitting in church & suddenly felt so bad I wanted to ask the lady beside me to scoot over so I could lay down in the pew. When i got home, I was in bed for 3 days & have not been the same since. This has been a nightmare roller coaster. I am doing better than I have in years. Don't get me wrong! I am still in a lot of pain at times, but I am learning to deal with it emotionally & have finally found a doctor who listens. I am just interested in exchanging information so that somehow, somewhere there can be a link found to resolve this painful disease, symptom, or whatever it is called these days.

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Posted by @trouse, Feb 9, 2013

I was just diagnosed w/ fibromyalgia a month ago. I havent had an episode yet. I do know the feeling of pain though. I am currently dealing w/ an infectious disease called c-diff colitis difficle which has similar symptoms like fibromyalgia. My rheumatologist has not started me on a med yet for fibromyalgia due to the c-diff as of now. itwould be too much for my system to take. What med are you currently taking for fibromyalgia? Did you have to experiment w/ different meds? Do you have good and bad episodes? I would like to talk more to you about fibromyalgia. This is new to me and would like to hear from you.

Tammy/ trouse

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