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living with cirrhosis of the liver

Posted by Anonymous-bf8841ed in Just Want to Talk, Sep 3, 2011

My husband has recently gone through an evaluation for a liver/kidney transplant due to cirrohsis and kidney failure and has just been turned down due a poor vascular system (has anuerysms and a previous quadruple bypass). His heart is doing well, although there is some ireparable damage to the back of the heart (doctor called it a scar). He has 1 addominal anuersym that is about 4.25 centimeters and 3 smaller ones in the illiac arteries. Our quandry is that the vascular surgeion who has been monitoring the anuersyms for the past few years will not repair them until they have reached 5.5 centimeters. However, my husband has been told he won't live long without a liver transplant, which may be causing all the problems with his kidney which is also in failure. He has been working on his fluid retention through diet and decreasing the amount of liquids and has already lost 10 of the 40# required for the lower BMI. He is very depressed since being turned down to be on the list for these organs and learning that they won't do anything without the anuerysm repairs which can't be done because they aren't large enough. If anyone has any good advise or experience with something similar we are looking for anything that helps with the symptoms or for reversing the disease. He has been taking Xicam for the hepatic encephalopathy that has helped tremendously,

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