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Living with an ileostomy...

Posted by @rook in Digestive Health, May 23, 2012

I am a female in my mid forties who has an ileostomy due to ulcerative colitis. I had several failed surgeries to attempt to have a j-pouch and a BCIR. I am hoping to find other females with ileostomies so we could share our experiences and how you deal with the ostomy on a daily basis. I hate having the ostomy but need to learn to adjust to it as I'm not sure I am a candidate to attempt a continent ostomy again. I have been out of the hospital for six months which is the longest time span I have had between hospital admissions in four years so the ostomy is doing its job....BUT I would love to be able to be happy with the ostomy I just can't quite get there mentally.....anyone able to relate to my situation???

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Posted by @tammyb, May 28, 2012

I have had BCIR since the age of 13, now 38. There have been many ups and downs with multiple surgeries but I would not trade my BCIR for anything. Scheduled for scope in 2 weeks due to valve problems, but even if something is wrong with the valve again, I will have surgery for the umpteenth time. Can't imagine life without BCIR. I guess because I have had one sooo long. Hope you can get to the point you desire. Will be praying for you. Sometimes the only peace we can find about things is in GOD.

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