Liver Resection: Is surgery the only option?

Posted by tearose @tearose, May 26, 2020

Hi there-I’ve been referred for liver resection surgery. I’ve had all the workups; MRI, MRCI, bloodwork, liver biopsy…no conclusive results as to why there is a lesion. They plan to remove it and I’m wondering if this is the only treatment method. Read about liver resection and it’s a big deal. I appreciate any insight you have on this. I’m a female, early 50s, gallbladder removed and recovering from severe sepsis about three years ago. I don’t know that one ever truly recovers from sepsis.

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Thanks to you all. I will certainly keep you updated. This group has been a Godsend these past few days. By interacting with you and reading these posts, I was able to think with more clarity and (a little) less emotion.


So glad to hear this, @tearose! The idea of a more conservative approach prior to a more invasive procedure is really good in my opinion.

I look forward to hearing from you again.

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Gathering more information before taking action seems the correct and best approach. Will follow you for updates as you go forward on your journey. The best to you.

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