Posted by kelly2000 @kelly2000, Oct 2, 2016

46/F who relocated from SW Michigan to SW Florida (Fort Meyers) 2 years ago with sick friend. LOVE THIS AREA. TROPICAL. HOWEVER, being a disabled nurse I know the health care HERE (JUST SW FL or entire state?) I became alcoholic 9 years ago. Now dead liver. Wondering about Jacksonville and experience with Mayo there, liver support, etc. Worth the move from THIS part of FL?

Hi @kelly2000, welcome to Connect. On this webpage you’ll find the contact numbers for all 3 Mayo Clinic campuses, including Jacksonville Florida. You may wish to contact them directly with your questions about care at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville.

You might be interested in participating in this live chat with Michael Womack, LCSW, a social worker Michael Womackat Mayo Clinic in Florida called “What to expect when you’re expecting a liver transplant” on Wed Oct 5. Sign up here:

If you’re on Twitter you could also ask questions of these liver experts from Mayo Clinic questions about liver care in Florida

Hi @kelly2000, let me add my welcome to Mayo Connect. I wish you well as you seek medical treatment for your liver disease. Please let us know how your search for medical care is going and my best wishes and prayers go with you!

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