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liver cancer

Posted by @vonphilp in Cancer, Nov 15, 2011

hi if there is any support for liver cancer please let me know, i am trying to find support and hopefully support someone too. i just got diagnosed yesterday, nov 14,2011

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Posted by @vonphilp, Nov 15, 2011

thank you to anyone for their support


Posted by @saffron, Nov 28, 2011

Hello. I am sorry that you have this diagnosis. My husband just was also just diagnosed with liver cancer and I am seeking support too. So far, I have been reading a variety of websites but feel helpless in helping my husband with his nausea and weight loss. Hope you are coping.


Posted by @vonphilp, Nov 28, 2011

hi saffron thanks for your reply my direct email is:, please feel free to talk 2 me and ill be happy for someone to share with any news and support i m on my way out but will connect with u later today kathy


Posted by @patbrogan, Apr 3, 2012

My husband was diagnosed with liver cancer ( Hepatocellular Carcinoma ).
Jan 20/12. he also has hepC. prognoses 3 to 6 months. Just wondering how vonphillip and Saffron"s husband are doing.

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