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liver cancer (carcinoid) spreaded from colon

Posted by @phuocpham, Nov 7, 2011

My husband is 46 years old and was diagnosed with colon cancer last year. He had tumor colon removed in May and had chemoembolization twice in 2010. He used chemodrug pills since Jan. to Aug. 2011 and found out that it didn’t help at all. About 3 weeks ago his doctor suggested to try another chemodrug but it was too strong for him and made him so sick and lost weight. And today his doctor wanted him to stop and try another drug at phase 3 or do radioembolization (if approved by insurance) or chemoembolization as he did last year. He has constipation real bad and abdominal cramp. Is there anyone have the same problem or recommend any good doctor? Thank you so much


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