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livedriftwood to hopeful. If you re read my letter I said I

Posted by @livedriftwood, Aug 24, 2011

livedriftwood to hopeful. If you re read my letter I said I attemped at one time to wean off my medications. The Doctors have tryed it all. I also have had many times where only a few Medicines work. I have high sensitivity to many drugs, as simple as advil, and over the counter meds. I have an unusal long list of hundreds of drugs I simply can’t take, Im way ahead of what you are explaining to me. You sound so much like the typical steriotype of thinking that puts everyone all together, no exceptions. I”m glad you have things working for you. But believe me I can teach you rare case studies of thousands of people in the world who have rare diseases, rare medical and Mental issues. I am 1 of 200 people in the whole world that has 3 rare eye deseases. I Must travel long distance to Duke University eye Center. And the operation must be preformed by the top Cornea/Catarat sergions. I want to more than God knows be happy and content. You know nothing of my Horrifing tramatic life I have lived. My case is very complex. I dont want to come accross so abrubt and harsh but there is alot to learn about people with mental illness and the stigma that goes with it. If you ever have and interest to open up to some solid medical facts, just do the research. As to medicines that can have permanent effects? that is a fact with all types of drugs. Why do you think so many people die, commit suicide, have thousands of medicaly reported illnesses due to side affects or incorrect management of medication.!!!what more can I say. I will just keep learning and look at the facts and hope to be a part of a progressive movement to support people who just get tossed around in the system. @hopeful


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