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Live Webinar: Comprehensive Training: What Hockey Players Should Know

Thu. Mar 31, 2016 at 12:00 pm CDT

Mayo Clinic hosted an interactive webinar on comprehensive training for hockey players on Thursday, March 31, 2016. Experts at Mayo Clinic Sports Medicine discussed the benefits of combining hockey skills, performance training, proper nutrition and injury prevention to maximize athlete’s potential. A live question and answer session followed the presentation. You can watch a recording of the webinar now.


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Thank you for joining us for this Mayo Clinic Webinar. It has been recorded and will be available on this page shortly. See our library of past and upcoming webinars here

Posted Thu, Mar 31 at 1:15pm CDT


timmy99 wrote:

Thank you for giving this webinar. I really appreciate all of you taking the time to put this together. I picked up some very good information that I am excited to put into my routine. I was having some technical [...] View full text  

Posted Thu, Mar 31 at 1:04pm CDT


Jennifer Bartelt replied:

Yes, the webinar is archived immediately and is available for viewing when it is convenient for you. Thanks.

Posted Thu, Mar 31 at 1:24pm CDT

Anonymous wrote:

When designing an off-season program. How many weeks would you spend applying corrective exercises to resolve asymmetries accumulated from the long season? Would you focus on pillar strength and proper limb mechanics?

Posted Thu, Mar 31 at 12:43pm CDT


Jennifer Bartelt replied:

awesome question! Interesting thing about corrective interventions and compensation correctives - you address one and then another one show ups or needs more attention. Initially you may have to spend more time addressing them , but then you have to maintain the good movement. IT is on going. But if you do 1 - 2 interventions daily, over a period of time ( 6 - 10 weeks) you will make improvements. I typically "Rescreen" individuals every 3 - 4 weeks. I hope this helps!

Posted Thu, Mar 31 at 1:14pm CDT

Anonymous wrote:

How important is dryland movement training?

Posted Thu, Mar 31 at 12:38pm CDT

Anonymous wrote:

Are there any supplements that you would recommend most athletes to take during the off-season?

Posted Thu, Mar 31 at 12:33pm CDT

Anonymous wrote:

What are some of the most common injuries you see in the hockey athlete? Does it change depending on the level of play?

Posted Thu, Mar 31 at 12:31pm CDT

Anonymous wrote:

Should my players really be drinking Gatorade all the time?

Posted Thu, Mar 31 at 12:29pm CDT

Anonymous wrote:

My son fractured his Tibia the end of January in a hockey game, he is currently a week out of a walking boot. What could he do to get himself back in the game for next season? He also plays [...] View full text  

Posted Thu, Mar 31 at 12:26pm CDT

Anonymous wrote:

If you are a three-sport athlete, how do you balance off-season training for each sport and still have rest time?

Posted Thu, Mar 31 at 12:14pm CDT

Anonymous wrote:

Does neck strengthening help prevent concussion and neck injuries? What are the best exercises to strengthen neck muscles?

Posted Thu, Mar 31 at 12:13pm CDT

Our webinar is about to begin. Be sure to refresh your browser if the video doesn't begin to play for you. Thanks!

Posted Thu, Mar 31 at 11:59am CDT

We're setting up for the webinar now. We'll go live at noon CT. Post your questions here!

Posted Thu, Mar 31 at 11:21am CDT

Anonymous wrote:

Excited to learn more about off-season training! Looking forward to the webinar tomorrow.

Posted Wed, Mar 30 at 4:37pm CDT