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Live Q&A: New Year's Resolution Challenge: Get In Shape

Posted by @audreylaine, Fri, Jan 13 9:46am

Sara Filmalter, M.D.When it comes to getting in shape, the first step is often the most difficult. Dr. Sara Filmalter, Sports Medicine, discusses healthy ways to start and maintain your New Year’s Resolution to get in shape. Dr. Filmalter provides expert tips and advice on:

  • Setting achievable goals
  • Protecting your joints
  • Understanding the FITT Principle

Dr. Filmalter answered questions live during the event. 



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Posted by @jmaa, Thu, Jan 19 12:06pm

Hello, I have grade 4 osteoarthritis in my hip at age 71–healthy otherwise. What aerobic exercises can I do without causing more damage to my joints (besides in water), length of time and frequency? Also type of physical therapy moves for strength, flexibility and frequency that would be helpful. Thank you!

Posted by @audreylaine, Fri, Jan 20 7:56am

Hi @jmaa! Thanks so much for your message. I’m very sorry I didn’t ask your question yesterday during the live broadcast. I was having technical difficulties and not all of the questions were showing up for me. I sent your question to Dr. Filmalter and here is her reply:
With severe hip arthritis, low impact will be best. If not water-based then recumbent bicycle or the hand ergometer (some gyms have this).

As for the physical therapy exercises, they may or may not make a difference at this point and it is hard to suggest specific ones via this type of discussion. Physical therapy as prescribed by your doctor is always an option to try in order to keep the hip moving. Gentle stretching such as a hamstring stretch, figure 4 stretch and gentle hip extension may be best.

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