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Live Q&A: Bone Fractures: Risk Factors, Prevention, and Treatment

Posted by @toffenbacher in Bones, Joints & Muscles, Nov 11, 2016

Dr. Michael Whitaker, Dr. Krupa Doshi and Patricia Mackey give a live presentation with a virtual discussion regarding the importance of bone fracture prevention.

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Questions posted before and during the event were answered during the event. 


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Posted by @mollyb1968, Nov 17, 2016

I had a Dexa scan in 2014 that showed I had osteopenia. How often should I be tested. My calcium level is always high, so how could I get this? I also have hyperparathyroidism.


Posted by @upnorthnancy, Nov 17, 2016

mollyb1968~what has your calcium been running? Have you had a Parathyroid Hormone level run? I have had surgery twice for this disease.

Nancy Shermoen~


Posted by @mollyb1968, Nov 18, 2016

My calcium is usually between 10.9 and 11.5. My PTH usually runs between 97 and 132. My endocrinologist wants me to take a pill (can't remember the name) but I am in the donut hole with Medicare and can't afford the pill. I am 68 and they really don't want to refer me for surgery. I also have cirrhosis of the liver with gastric varices and portal hypertension. I don't know if any of this is related or not. I was just told not to take calcium. I do have osteopenia. Any ideas or suggestions?


Posted by @upnorthnancy, Nov 18, 2016

Oh dear I am not a doctor but I have had two surgeries for hyperparathyroidism. I am now 66 yrs old on Thanksgiving Day. I also have Osteopenia due to my hyperparathyroidism. I was told with high calcium and PTH levels the only cure was to remove the tumors. If not your bones will continue to suffer. My first surgery to remove the tumors was done at the Norman Parathyroid Center in Tampa FL. I was not cured and 10 years later had a second surgery at Mayo MN to remove more tumor. So far so good but the damage has been done to my bones resulting in Osteopenia. It was a very easy surgery for me to go through. However you have many other medical problems to work around. My suggestion is to get to an endocrinologist at Mayo as soon as you can for a consult. Nancy Shermoen~


Posted by @healthsearch, Nov 18, 2016

My personal interest is the liver. Since you developed cirrhosis of the liver there must have been possible lack of understanding your liver. Although alcohol is one cause that impacts the liver there are other causes also. In my case is Crohn's disease that impacts the liver. What I have learned that there are remedies to rebuild the liver. One of them is milk thistle. My uneducated opinion is the liver loves vegetables specially raw. I am observing my body since I can't have a group to test. I am hoping the medical science investigate the liver and come up with new testing procedures to understand the condition. The liver puts out a lot of pain but vegetables stops it and other liver created problems stops also with vegetables. I confirmed that the liver controls acid stomach and reflux. Also produces a lot of anxiety and memory loss. When I supplement the liver with vegetables and liver supplement pills my memory works like never before and all pain stops. It is a very sensitive and intelligent organ. Processed foods and drinks with preservatives are not friendly. Also it doesn't like sugars and flour products once it is sick. I believe if the system can tolerate raw vegetables it will heal most problems. I don't know why doctors don't advise us.


Posted by @hopeful33250, Nov 19, 2016

@mollyb1968 Good morning, I can understand your predicament. I also have elevated calcium levels and my PTH tends to be normal or just a bit high. Since I have one paralyzed vocal cord I've been told not to consider surgery on the parathyroid (or the thyroid for that matter) as there is a risk of losing the other vocal cord. I would be interested in knowing the name of the med that your doctor suggested, if you remember it.


Posted by @mollyb1968, Nov 19, 2016

It seems like it was cyclocet or something like that. It would have cost me $300.00 per month and I just couldn't afford it


Posted by @mollyb1968, Nov 20, 2016

I'm sorry, I was wrong about the medication. It was Sensipar.

Posted by @JustinMcClanahan, Nov 21, 2016

Hello @tessie, @grandmabubblestwin, @dolan, @sma1952, @grandmacheryl, I'd like to invite you to listen to Dr. Michael Whitaker, Dr. Krupa Doshi and Patricia Mackey discuss bone fractures. You can also participate by asking questions; the details are posted above.

@mollyb1968, thank you for your questions. @upnorthnancy, @healthsearch, and @hopeful33250, thank you for jumping in to the conversation as well, are there any questions you would like to submit for this Live Q&A?

You do not need a Facebook account to be able to watch the broadcast. You will also be able to watch it right here on this page on Connect.
Please let me know if you have any questions.


Posted by @tessie, Nov 21, 2016

Regretfully I'm unable to participate. My doc said broken hip is worse than cancer. It can kill you. In question, I presume he meant women late 70's and up. Thanks


Posted by @kta1, Nov 22, 2016

I have heard horror stories about some infusion therapies I.E. Prolia and Forteo. How likely is it that someone suffers necrosis of the jaw, joint pain and other things that are posted on the internet?

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