Lip twitching and numbness and tingling spreading to left side of face

Posted by aprilml @aprilml, Dec 29, 2018

What causes this? Should I go to Dr.

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Hi April,
Glad you joined us at Mayo Clinic Connect, welcome.
First and foremost, go see your doctor. It’s only a few minutes out of your day. Okay so they will probably send you to the lab, what’s a few more minutes? I guarantee it will be worth your time.
As far as pinpointing a cause, your symptoms are quite vague. You might be drinking to much coffee, sodas, caffeine power drinks (whatever there called.) Vitamin deficiency, possibly Vit D. I can think of a couple things so terrifying you wouldn’t want to even know about them. Don’t try and diagnosis yourself, then you really will need a doctor, probably a Mental Health Specialist, lol. I’m not anxious to wait for the doctors or sit waiting to have my blood drained like a car on the rack or having my innards phographed from every angle. Just bite the bullet and go see your doc and put your curiosity at ease. Of course that may be hopeless if your a woman, lol.
Okay people don’t get your tails in a knot, it was only a joke.
Wishing you a glorious day, after you call the doctor,


@aprilml I agree, see a doctor. I also wanted to offer some information as to what can cause something like this. The trigeminal nerve supplies the side of the face and something that compresses the nerve causes tingling or twitching. Nerve problems can come from other diseases too, so things need to be ruled out. In my experience, having some tingling in my face came from a cervical spine problem that I wasn't aware of … yet. I was getting muscle spasms moving my vertebrae and changing the alignment of my neck. I have had spine surgery that helped tremendously. I might suggest see a neurologist who diagnoses where nerve problems come from, and they will probably do tests to either find or rule out problems. A neurologist would also be a good first doctor to see if there are spine issues and could guide you in what other specialists to see based on their findings. If you are having neck muscle spasms, a physical therapist evaluation might help. The physical therapist would need to know if there are spine problems with instability before they can safely treat you. You certainly can ask questions to see if your doctor thinks this is a possibility.


Hi, @aprilml – just wondering how things are going with the twitching, tingling and numbness you were experiencing?

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