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Link between Ovarian Cysts & Digestive System?

Posted by @jaimie626, Mar 28, 2012

I have been missing out on life for over six months. Some switch flipped and overnight I was admitted into the hospital with a high white blood count/dehydration/colitis. I had my first migraine a day later and chronic migraines ever since. I have lost over 40 pounds; my bodily systems have completely flipped into chaos. My digestive system is constantly on some strange cycle of days of emptying; lies idle with more abdominal pain for a day; than empties for days again. I cannot eat any of my past thirty year favorites; except for white breads/pastas/cereals/dairy and I am actually scared to try foods for fear of the consequence my body may take on me with nausea; vomiting; pain; or diarrhea. I’ve had CT/MRI/HIDA Scans; Colon & Endoscopy; Blood; Urine; Stool; Auto-Immune; Celiac tested.
I have been diagnosed with abscessed Cecum twice; Non-Specified Colitis and Gastritis, Ovarian Cysts and recently had my gallbladder removed and was told it was not the culprit. However, the surgeon says there is a bigger problem and told me bile is coming into my stomach, even though my gallbladder was removed. I was in the ER for severe abdominal pain/vomiting/nausea 2 times after laparoscopic gallbladder and exploratory surgery, more CT/HIDA Scans and now on nausea suppositories. However, the Complex Ovarian Cyst on my right side is out of his territory. Huh???
My female cycle went on overdrive last April, one year ago. I was having fever, nausea, fatigue, diarrhea for about two-thirds of the month. OB/GYN ultrasound showed that my IUD was stuck in the right side of my uterus muscle and could be causing the problems; IUD originally put in three years prior. Since then my cycle comes only after intercourse or as I have just found out, also after surgery and it just spots for about a day. They keep doing more tests, with no results or answers and push me over to the next specialist. I saw on my medical records a couple months ago that ovarian cysts have been growing ever since my CT Scan 6 months ago, but the hospital only focused on my digestive system. My ca-125 test was normal, but could there be a connection between these Ovarian Cysts and my body falling apart?



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Posted by @jools, May 5, 2012

i’ve had a mixed bag of debilitating symptoms too….been tested for lots of things and all kinds of diagnoses… the latest line of thought is some underlying systemic disorder that ties the symptoms together….I have a high level of natural histamine and lots of allergies which creates chronic general inflammation … it may worth while to rule out a mast cell disorder – systemic mastocytosis used to be considered a rare disorder, but that is changing. Look it up and see what you think

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