Link between altitude sickness symptoms/ COVID 19 symptoms

Posted by bfinleyshea @bfinleyshea, Apr 20, 2020

A woman treated with medicine for altitude sickness symptoms says the build up of fluid in the lungs from COVID 19 is the same type of fluid build up as altitude sickness. She has a video on You Tube.

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@bfinleyshea I'm not sure what you mean by a "link between altitudes sickness symptoms/Covid-19 symptoms", do you have a question as to whether the 2 may be related?
Pneumonia, which can be a complication of Covid-19, and altitude sickness, can both cause fluid to build up in the lungs. The symptoms stem from very different causes – the virus is attacking the lungs in Covid-19; the heart and lungs are overworked and in distress with altitude sickness.
But since the result – fluid – is the same, and there is currently no cure for the virus itself, doctors are trying everything in their arsenal of treatments to see what is effective to treat complications like pneumonia in desperately ill patients. This is happening on the fly as the medical teams are working to save lives, and they are sharing their knowledge of what (sometimes) works with their colleagues daily, even hourly.
As we go forward, there are hundreds of hospital and university medical teams collecting the data for further study to develop treatment protocols while others are working to develop a vaccine to prevent more infections. If this is determined to be an effective treatment, you can be sure we will be hearing more about its use, but probably only for those who have pneumonia, which is a small percentage of those who get the virus.
For now, prevention is our best defense.

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