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Light sleeper

Posted by Anonymous-1b6d7d1e in Sleep Health, Jul 26, 2013

I rarely get a full night's of uninterrupted sleep because I wake up from a quietest of sounds; e.g. my mom going to use the restroom, the sound of birds chirping. My alarm only needs to be set at the lowest volume in order to wake me up.

I've been wearing an eye mask to sleep over the last year since even the faintest of light in the morning would be enough to wake me. Now, I'm considering getting ear plugs so sounds wouldn't wake me. I'm hesitant to do this since now there wouldn't be any way for my alarm to work. Would I need some sort of bracelet that vibrates to wake me up in the morning?

Any advice on how to sleep better at night is welcome. Thanks!

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Posted by @anon30885749, Jul 27, 2013

Have you ever tried a fan or white noise machine to distract from the sound?

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Posted by Anonymous-1b6d7d1e, Aug 7, 2013

No, I've considered the white noise machine...been reluctant to do so b/c it seems a bit excessive. I've been trying to change up my daily routine, e.g., exercising during the afternoon, not staring at a screen half an hour before sleeping. That way, I'd be less antsy and more tired.

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