Life after head and neck cancer treatment

Posted by Maureen, Alumna Mentor @alpaca, Oct 17, 2018

I am struggling with a mouthguard four years after my last surgery for tongue cancer. My native tongue presses on a gap in my lower teeth and has an awful callous on it – painless but not a good look for a cancer patient. It was biopsied with a result of mild dysplasia but I don't like the thought of constant irritation. Anyway, my prosthodontist has given me a little clear plastic mouthguard which I have to wear "all the time". It is uncomfortable – well not too much so – and feel funny when I talk. Worst of all it stimulates saliva which tends to come out of my limp lower lip. I need Botox to stop the saliva pooling in the floor of my mouth but can't have it until December.
Does anyone have similar post-treatment challenges? At the moment I am wearing it as long as I can each day and noting down the times in a journal. Trying to increase the times.

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