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life after gastric by pass surgery

Posted by @pattymary, May 29, 2012

in 2005 i had gastric by pass surgery. for over 5 years i maintained an almost 200lb loss. Then i slowly gained back 50lbs and have stopped gaining.But i can eat amounts of food at times that are near normal. I eat anything i want but lately have started to have alot of gastric problems. Horroble gas, adbominal cramping, frequent trips to bathroom, and on & on i could go. I even had a serious problem with alcohol for awhile. before the surgery my only problem was food never alcohol. Now i cannot drink at at all. i have developed an intolerance. I guess thats better than getting drunk all the time. Dont get me wrong i dont want to be 340lbs again but besides weight loss i also got alot of things i didnt bargain for. pattymary


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