Life after a cancer diagnosis; meeting up with old friends

Posted by azkidney57 @azkidney57, Nov 8, 2019

Today I met with some friends and had a drink just like old times before my surgery and cancer diagnosis! I was sick from March to most of May this year then I had surgery, nephrectomy, in May. So I was out for a while and today I went out with some old friends and it felt good! I felt “ normal “ again! Most of these people don’t know about my diagnosis. I don’t share too much with most people just a few close friends. I felt alive again! I had two gin and tonics my favorite drink. It was like meeting up with an old friend, my friend Gin! I haven’t had alcohol in such a long time! But I had to remind myself I have only one kidney! I had to cut my socializing short. I have been so stressed out lately it felt good to unwind! I needed it! But the reality is I need to make sure I drink quality beverages for my kidneys sake!

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