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lexapro perscride for 10yr. old ,concered

Posted by @huricane534 in About Kids & Teens, Jan 17, 2012

Our 10yr. old grand daughter has been taking vyvanse,40mg.and lexapro10mg. ,daily for about a yr. diagnosed mild autisum and ADD.She came to stay with us for 2 weeks over the holidays. She arrived with instruction to give her 50mg. vyvanse 15 mg lexapro mornings and 2mg.abilify at supper time ,all persribed.Could some one tell me if this is an aproiate drug regiment for a 50# 10 yr.old .She stays with us every summer for 6 to 8 weeks,We are very close to her.When I ask my son about her treatment he becomes evaisive saying thats what her doctor perscribed . just don't want to worry


Posted by @binnerkelsey, Mar 15, 2012

Hi there. I am 18 years old now but awhile back, I was put on these same 2 medications. I started out low on vyvanse (40mg) and lexapro (10mg). I had taken many other prescriptions but I found out I was allergic to them. These really helped me. The thing is that after awhile, I started to level out where the meds weren't working as well so I had to increase the dosage. I was at 70mg and 20mg for awhile when I started doing a mind modulation. Its kind of hard to explain, but if you have questions, please message me. After doing this mind modulation for about a month, I was able to decrease my vyvanse dosage. I hope this helps at least a little bit.


Posted by @grammytammy, Mar 26, 2012

What symptoms did you have to require these medications?

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