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Let Me Help You Here On Line Comnunity! I haven't wrong, harm,

Posted by @uptopart, Apr 22, 2012

Let Me Help You Here On Line Comnunity! I haven’t wrong, harm, lied, violated, caused/started any confusion among the brethren, said any got damn thing; that wasn’t true, factual, or that I couldn’t, can’t back that thing up, and I definitely wouldn’t go all out my way; to please, satisfy, entertain, connect, lower my standards, nor over step my boundaries, mistreat/label any damn body! I Walk, Talk, and Live In Truth! How about your damn selves? I Don’t Just Talk the Talk, But I Walk The Walk As Well! I’m Not No Damn Follow, But I Am A Leader; In My Own God Given Rights! Yourselves, USA esp. Texas Didn’t Hire Me, You Damn Sure Wont Be Able To Fire/Terminate Me! I Am Who God Says I Am! Not A Damn Thing The USA, Texas, and Yourselves Can Say or Do About, With That! You God That? THANK YA!


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