Leg weakness

Posted by casey1329 @casey1329, Jun 25, 2022

The end of March my husband had minor aches on the right side of his body in his hip & upper leg, both hips were replaced 3 yrs ago. One morning when he tries to get out of bed he falls unable to use his legs to get up. He spends a few days in the hospital. The only thing found was minor leg blood clots, which are now gone. The next 6 weeks he is fine. Then he develops pain in his wrist & jaw. Follow up with GP shows white blood cell count 27, c-reactive protein 451, SED rate 109 and low grade fever. He takes clindamycin, weak legs and low grade fever continue for a weak. Fell couldn't get up goes back into the hospital, discharged no cause found. Home now with walker. Feeling stronger each day. Any ideas on what this could be going on ?

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Hi @casey1329, welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect a place to connect with other patients. I can understand your reaching out to fellow patients and caregivers when searching for answers. However, we can’t diagnose.

Is he continuing with testing to get to the bottom of the issue and underlying cause of his symptoms? Does he have any other conditions? Has he seen his PCP or a neurologist?


Yes, this week alone he is seeing a hematologist, vascular doctor and his GP. Next week the neurologist. Plus during his last 6 day hospital stay they did a full work-up of specialists and testing.
Thank you for getting back to me. I do understand that you can't diagnose sorry my error. I'm just looking for the reason why his legs didn't work and his markers for inflammation were so high. Perhaps some one has had a similar experience. My fear is that if I don't know how to treat it, it will happen a third time.

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