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Leg pain

Posted by @angeladeh in Women's Health, Aug 14, 2011

Having a lot of pains between the knees & ankles....being going on for a couple of years now.....recently has got worse.......

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Posted by @tachala, Jan 23, 2012

I also been having leg pain and swelling. Gets worse by more I do. Had two partial knee replacements 2 years ago now. Went on a 5 hour flight 6 hours back and have had these problems since. I googled up information and believed I had blood clots. Have taken aspirin one day and feeling better already to thin blood out. My family doctor doesn't seem to have a clue. Also ordered support stockings.


Posted by @tjbjattnet, Mar 17, 2012

How can you tell if the leg pain is caused by clots?


Posted by @piglit, Mar 17, 2012

Hi an doppler ultrasound will usually show if there are any clots are present. Ask you dr to organize if you have any concerns. Piglit


Posted by @karent1, Mar 16, 2012

I think that you should have an ultrasound done on your veins in your legs if you haven't already. I have a pulmonary embolism now...after other tests they went right to my legs as a possibility for the clot. I have had leg pain often. Just a precautionary thought.


Posted by @piglit, Mar 16, 2012

Hi it's always good with ongoing leg pain to have it checked out. I know this all too well as I have Factor V Leiden. Have also have pulmonary embolisms and ongoing problems with Deep vein thrombosis. However don't be too alarmed with my condition it is herditary. If the pain has been going on for a couple of years in my opinion with clots it maybe not the reason. I say this because with a Dvt the pain will generally increase and the area will become red and inflamed. Still good idea to have this checked out. I am on a blood thinner called comaudin and will have to take this for the rest of my life. Please check with the GP before taking any blood thinning medications as these have to be moniterd on a regular basis. Please let me know how you get along. You are in my thoughts Piglit

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