leg pain

Posted by croore44 @croore44, Oct 7, 2016

two ago I was hit in my quad and obviously very painful. About three days ago I have been getting extreme pain everytime I move the my leg. It’s starts in my knee and shoots down the front of my calf. I went to see my doctor and he stated it was IT Band syndrome. I don’t have any swelling or bruising. But it doesn’t seem to be getting better. My doc gave me stretches to do to help strengthen my IT Band. However, this seems to be different than any other injury I have had before. Concerned weather it could be a blood clot. Do I have reason to worry?

Hi @croore44, Unfortunately it would be impossible for fellow patients to be able to diagnose your pain, however it does sound like you need a second visit with your doctor to share your concerns. How is this pain different than past experiences you’ve had?

Your doctor’s diagnosis is interesting, @croore44. IT Band Syndrome is usually an athletic condition, often caused by excess or prolonged strain, not by a physical hit to a major muscle group like quadriceps. It is commonly a symptom from running, cycling, hiking or squatting while lifting weights. Were you vulnerable to such strain when you began feeling the extreme pain? Did that pain wait about 10 days after your injury before it began? Is that why you’re now questioning your doctor’s diagnosis? I don’t suggest that you have reason to worry, but that you should soon revisit your situation with your doctor and, perhaps, get a second opinion. If you’re comfortable doing so, keep us informed of what unfolds from here on out so other visitors to Mayo Connect can benefit from you experiences and we can keep you in mind as you work through your issue.

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