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Leg cramps

Posted by @julieb, Jan 28, 2012

Can anyone help? For the past month I’ve been having severe leg cramps every night when I go to bed at 1st it starts with my legs twitching and then it starts on top of my foot at my ankle it hurts so bad for about 3 minutes to the point I feel like I’m going to pass out.I break out in a sweat and can’t walk at all I’ve tried everything to relieve the pain nothing has worked yet. I was just diagnosed with BP, I’ve also started snoring extremely loud as well and I’m always tired I feel like something is really wrong but my doctor said I’m fine when I’m not! I’m tired of living in such pain at night.



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Posted by @beckysue, Nov 4, 2012

Julie, it sounds like you MAY have restless leg syndrome and I know how awful it is. I take a preparation called “Restful Legs” and it does help. For my leg cramps I take “Leg Cramps” by Hylands. It may help you to take a multi-mineral supplement as well. Hope this helps.


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Posted by @nomanmedico, May 3, 2013

hello i am a med intern
ur symptoms might be related to tarsal tunnel syndrome
it happens due to entrapment of tibial nerve in the tarsal tunnel which is present on inner side of foot below ankle region , get an MRI and see orthopedic to resolve ur problem..

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