Leg cramps at night

Posted by sparklegram @sparklegram, Aug 19, 2022

Hello everyone. I only have 4 more months on Tamoxifen and my 5 years will be up. I'm having bad leg cramps at night. Has anyone else had this side effect from Tamoxifen?

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Because I play outdoors so much, dehydration does seem to be an issue with me. Has anyone tried the new pedialyte for adults?


My daughter , who got long haul CoVid , gives Adult Pedialyte 3 thumbs up. She is great now.


@becsbuddy.com…….,hope the tonic water helps you too……hjtk


My geriatrician suggested quinine…. And I remember my dad, a civil engineer , taking quinine tablets( no longer available for leg cramps. She said Tonic water is the source she suggests, and to watch the sodium. I keep a bottle wherever I sit….and sip all day long. Can’t remember the last leg cramps I’ve had. Grocery stores, Walmart etc carry, about $1 / bottle. I avoid the sugar substitute ones…. hjtk

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I take quinine capsules that I bought on Amazon.

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