Left Tentorial meningioma: What should I expect?

Posted by jhbl @jhbl, Jan 13 2:30am

I just learned that my meningioma is tentorial. I know that this is a rare type and that surgery is often more risky based on location. Mine is still small (8mm) which I assume is good to make sure of complete removal. I am seeing my neurosurgeon Friday but I like to hear what others have heard/gone through/etc It’s often more helpful!

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Hi @jhbl, allow me to introduce you to others who have experience with tentorial meningiomas, like @pleu @jamie9 @mrser52 @cnesselroad. They hopefully can share their knowledge and experiences with you.

In preparation for your upcoming meeting with the neurosurgeon, what questions have you prepared to ask him/her?


Are they taking yours out? I honestly know nothing. The Arkansas local neurosurgeon never even called me back after the second MRI.

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