Left Distal Radius Breakage, unusable fingers thumb

Posted by lesgq @lesgq, Apr 18 3:51pm

Nov 11, I had my left distal radius repaired with an aculoc 2 plate and 10 screws. Due to the swelling, I started PT on January 4th. Since then, very little progress has been made from pt. I attended pt twice a week and preform given exercises at home/work. The therapist is now considering casting my hand to isolate my hand muscles and to allow my firearm muscle to start working. Please help me understand why my hand won't function and what I need to do to make it function. Thanks in advanced. Les

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@lesgq Welcome to Mayo Connect. I'm sorry to hear about your difficulty in healing.
My daughter had a compound, displaced, open fracture 23 months ago. While healing, the wrist had a new trauma on the job, another surgery, and healing and recovery completely stalled, despite her best efforts and extensive therapy. For over a year she was off her nursing job because she only had use of one hand.
Fast forward to this February, when a new surgeon did more imaging and concluded that her tendons were trapped in the tendon sheath along the plate. The sheath was opened, and within hours life improved. She is now improved to 90% use and beginning strengthening exercises.
Perhaps something similar is happening to your arm? Also, have nerve conduction tests been done? Sometimes it takes along time for the nerves to heal and begin communicating with the brain again.


Thank you. I'm going in for a second opinion on Monday. Hopefully they can do more imaging, my current surgeon doesn't want to do more. Thank you so much..

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