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Left Abdominal and Back Pain

Posted by @smurfman82 in Digestive Health, Jun 12, 2013


I am a 31 y/o white male. I have never had any surgeries or serious medical problems. My family has no history of such things except high blood pressure.

Two weeks ago I suddenly had a lot of pressure on my left side, directly across from my belly button. It felt like a bubble pushing outward from inside my stomach. I ignored it for a week but then developed nausea and constipation. I went to the ER and the doctor took blood tests and x-rays. Everything came back great but he informed me that I was really constipated. Which is strange because I had been having bowl movements. He referred me to a GI doctor. I was also prescribed Magnesium Citrate. The Magnesium helped but didn't clear me out.

I made an appointment with the GI doctor and he thought it was Diverticulitis. He scheduled a CT Scan. I was given HalfLytely to help with the constipation. That cleaned me out... I had bowel movements like crazy with lots of diarrhea. The CT Scan came back today normal. It showed nothing out of the ordinary. Now this doctor wants to do a Colonoscopy on me... I am a bit hesitant...

Maybe this is something else? Thoughts?


Posted by @smurfman82, Jun 14, 2013

The pressure is slowly going away but still there in mild form. It appears to be moving around now. Strange... The GI doctor wants to hold off on the Colonoscopy since the symptoms are getting better. I seem to be burping a lot with a slight acid taste in my mouth. I am having normal bowl movements and my urine is clear. Also, I still have a bit of lower left back pain.Thoughts?

Note: I was taking Nexium and stopped.


Posted by @titanic1974, Aug 10, 2013

News? How are you? I feel the same.


Posted by @smurfman82, Aug 11, 2013

Yes. I had a CT Scan and Colonoscopy. They found nothing major, no polyps. Turns out it was IBS-C. I've been drinking Aloe Vera juice and upping my fiber intake. Also, I've made some changes to my diet (more veggies and fruit). It's been helping.

Note: I've been drinking 4 ounces of Aloe Vera juice at night. I have one cup of dark roast (dark/oily beans help me) coffee in the AM and it helps me do my morning business. However, I believe the coffee irritates and stimulates my intestines. The Aloe Vera juice heals stuff. I think with the right combination you'll be alright. There is also a digestive pro-biotic you can pickup at Whole Foods in the refrigerated area. It's pricey ($50 a bottle) but helps too.

Now if you're REALLY backed up and coffee does nothing... Which has happened to me! Try drinking some Senna Tea. That stuff works, unlike all the over-the-counter laxatives.

My Regimen:

Mornings: 2 Cups of Organic Flax Seed Cereal w/ Milk
Mid-Morning: 1 Cup of Dark Roast Arabica Coffee w/ Creamer
Rest of the day: Salads, Chicken, Fish and lots of Water
Before Bed: 4 Ounces of Aloe Vera juice

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