Learning how to live with a schophrenic.

Posted by mona2411 @mona2411, Jul 18, 2012

I am at a loss here and would love some advice from those who deal with this illness. My brother who has been missing for many years has come to live with me. He has been homeless for many years but now has a place to live here and is getting medical care for the schizophrenia, COPD and anemia. My problem is how do I make him understand he should stay here. He insists he wants to go to another state where he has no connections, can’t hold a job (he is now on SSI), or even focus enough to go to school. I can accept him turning his condition around in his brain that it is my problem, but I just can’t bear to see him end up dead on the streets somewhere when he does not have too. I can’t get him into housing as he is not medically compliant, he can’t hold a job or be retrained as he can’t focus on anything. Any ideas??

I do know that God, hears us and heals us. Nothing is impossible for him. Jesus can do a miracle on your brother. I will pray for that outcome. God bless you.

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