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Lead poisoning and mental illness

Posted by @jmancavjciii, Sep 13, 2012

At the age of 5 I remember playing with a toy often and I did read on the action figue contains lead do not put in mouth. I did so out of spite/upsetment and also remember eating some metal at some age, I don’t know if it was lead. I am having a real hard time Cohentrating and focusing. The doctors have me diagnosed with schizophrenia and on meds for that and depression. I am in dire straights to hold my life together financially and otherwise. I lost my emotional support, my mom and I am not doing good. The doctors here are of no help and neither is the medicine we keep adjusting medicenis and dosages but nothing seems to work, I keep playing this game with my doctor where I am afraid to speak up and say something but then she says I have to take more medicine which never works but e keeps me hooked on meds this way. Please help



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Posted by @newwick, Sep 30, 2012

Greetings JmancavJclll: I’ve had similar experiences to what you are going through. Looks like you’re searching for answers where there are none. I know all about that. Also everything is compromised because most doctors are unable to admit when they are stumped. They have been trying to convince me for 22 years that I’m depressed and they haven’t succeeded yet.
How old are you Jm… If you are saying that you are schizophrenic as an adult because you had lead poisoning as a child, that just doesn’t make good sense. Care to tell us about yourself?

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