Late period gaining weighg

Posted by sschonasky1991 @sschonasky1991, Mar 19 1:39pm

A 32 years old women that is gaining weight and 10 days late on her period but cant be pregnant because she has a tuble ligation whag could be cause

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Hi @sschonasky1991, Gaining weight around the time of a period isn’t unusual. The fluctuations of hormones can cause water retention and bloating. Here’s a fairly decent article on weight gain with the menstrual cycle from
I know from experience that it’s a little disconcerting when a monthly period, that’s routinely dependable, stumbles. Stress, hormones, emotional events, etc., can alter our cycles. But usually they reset themselves within a month or so. If you find that you’re not resuming your period and still gaining you might want to visit your gynecologist to make sure everything is on track.

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