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Posted by @judyparker in Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat, Sep 21, 2012

HI , I have been wearing glasses since my second grade. I recently got myself checked for lasik surgery and the doctor said i have a healthy cornea with thickness of 624 and that i could have Keratome blade surgery . Please tell me if it is safe to have Lasik surgery done? And also suggest the safest and best method...
Also is the benifits of Intra-Laser over Keratome Mechinical blade method worth the extra cost?

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Posted by @sallygreen, Sep 21, 2012

Both Procedures carry their own risks and they also have their own benefits. You should discuss it with your ophthalmologist before choosing either, Also make sure your dont wear contacts for a minimum of 5 weeks before the surgery. ANd ensure you follow the post surgery medication schedule correctly.

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Posted by @judyparker, Oct 1, 2012

Thanks for the reply... But not sure about going through with the surgery.....

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