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Large Stomach from PKD

Posted by @sumbunnie, Mar 19, 2012

I have a very large stomach from PKD. The last MRI I had, the doctor said my kidneys were the size of two shoeboxes. I cannot get on the transplant list at one of the other hospitals because of my weight. I am wondering if the cysts are filled with fluid, they have to weigh alot. Don’t the doctors account for the weight of the cysts? I have stuck to the renal diet for 4 years now and I don’t eat alot anymore because I feel stuffed if I drink a glass of water, then I’m miserable. Other than having esrd I am in pretty good shape. I have two kids and I hate living on dialysis and not having the energy to do things with them like I could before. As time goes on I am losing faith that I will ever get a transplant because I cannot get the weight off. I have talked to a bariatric surgeon who would not touch me on dialysis because he said he did not know how to regulate the fluids with me on dialysis. I already take synthroid because I was gaining weight for no reason and my thyroid was messed up . Any ideas would help. I have found other places/hospitals that say the weight does not stop you from having a transplant. I am getting ready to go to Mayo, I’d like to hear from some ppl who have already been and can tell me what they do, look for and if the weight matters when you go for the first time. Thanks


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