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laparoscopic surgery for diverticulitis and its results

Posted by @eastwing in Digestive Health, May 13, 2012

My endoscopist is recommending surgery for recurrent bouts of diverticulitis. What's people's experience with this?


Posted by @namaste, May 29, 2012

I was diagnosed with diverticulites several years ago. In 2010 I began experiencing recurrent blockages landing me in the hospital and ER on numerous occasions. Ct scans revealed diver.; subsequent to several episides, I was referred to a surgeon without intervention of a gastroenterologist. I should note I have also had issues with scar tissue from prior surgeries possibly causing blockages. My suggestion is to obtain a second opinion from a good Gastro prior to talking to a surgeon and explore all options. I had surgery October 24, 2011 and as of today am still not recovered. It was determined during a recent colonoscopy that they may have 'missed' a section of the decending color with a large diverticula in place which would have been removed. Additionally, my surgeon now believe that they may have missed some old scar tissue which may be or was possibly causing the blockages to begin with. I have tried to get into Mayo for a second opinion; they will not take me despite my having treated at Mayo in AZ for years.
All I can say is, be sure you really need the surgery; obtain second opinions from a good internest, a gastroenterologist and surgeon prior to moving forward.
My recovery has been a nightmare and life-changing. A colectomy is serious business; do your research on complications, surgery prep, recovery, etc. I live in a small city; my only option is to fly to AZ to see a physician since Mayo MN won't see me...very frustrating. Explore your options.

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Posted by @eastwing, May 30, 2012

thanks so much for your detailed reply, I'll certainly take your advice into consideration. Good luck with your recovery!


Posted by @joyce22w, May 31, 2012

I too have been struggling with diverticulitis for numerous years. Yes, you should get a second opinion prior to surgery and a full understanding of how this will affect your life.

I had what was called hand assisted sigmoid (literally cutting you open and pulling out your colon/intestine and cutting it off) in December 2009. Can I say it was easy? No. Do I feel better? Yes. Unfortunately I was advised after surgery that it wasn’t only in the lower part of the colon as originally thought I have pockets all through the colon/intestine.

I stay on the strict diet of no raw vegetables, no fresh fruit, no peanuts, pop-corn, any thing with a hull, no spice (salt and pepper are my best friend) the list is endless. Is it hard? Yes. I have sampled a few of the above only to pay a dear price for it and it’s not worth the pain. If I chose to go back to the old habits then I chose to have all of my colon/intestine removed.

The reason I am on the sight now is to find out if anyone has been able to find a diet that does not include all of my banned items. Losing weight has always been a struggle, losing weight with diverticulitis is nearly impossible with out the side effects.

I wish you luck and please do not wait to have this taken care of. You do not want to end up in ER and have this as an emergency surgery.

If anyone knows of dieting information, I would be very grateful if you could share it.



Posted by @rowanwolfe, Jun 24, 2012

Why won't they see you at the Mayo?

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