Lamictal / Lamotrigine warnings for heart patients

Posted by Leonard @jakedduck1, Apr 1, 2021

Study shows arrhythmias in heart patients taking Lamictal / Lamotrigine.

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Hello @santosha and welcome to Mayo Clinic Connect. How wonderful that you are also from South American and joining us and supporting members like @abelmarcelo with your experience.

Did you switch from Lacosamide to Lamictal?

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Hi Amanda, Good Evening
Thank you for your warm welcome.
Answering your question. No, Lamictal was the first anti-seizure medication I have taken. Because of severe insomnia, I have switched to Tegretol first, then to Trileptal and Gabaneurin, and finally to Vimpat, which was the worst of all medications I have tried. Today, I am back to Tegretol taking it together with medical cannabis.


@ santosha
Hello Christine,
I am just curious whether you have a heart condition or epilepsy? If you’re comfortable in doing so could you tell us what your condition is and more about the details?

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Hi Jake,
It is a pleasure to share my experiences so as to help other people. I have epilepsy and do not have any heart problems. But with Vimpat I had daily heart palpitations. Did I answer your question?


Hi @abelmarcelo, just one more comment. There is a very nice material regarding medications and side effects at the Epilepsy Foundation. Look for "Medical Therapy in Epilepsy: Treatment, Side Effects, and Drug Interactions" at the Epilepsy Foundation ( or You Tube.
Buena Suerte!

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