Posted by pjss48 @pjss48, Apr 25, 2019

What cream is the best on bad arthritic knees?

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I can’t say that this is the best for you but, it is for me. Voltaren Gel works well for my osteoarthritis in my knees. It is a prescription.


@pjss48 , @bonnieh218: Regarding Voltaren gel – worth a try, although after my arthroscopic knee surgery I used it 3/4 times daily for 3 months, with no noticeable relief. And yes, here in the US it is ridiculously expensive. Last time I wanted to get some it was in the neighborhood of $ 148 for 3 tubes, and that is with insurance. Bought some over-the-counter at a pharmacy in Austria last year during vacation, one tube cost 17.00 Euro, roughly $ 20.00. Nuts how medications are priced here!!!!!


@ellerbracke It I rediculus the price of medicine here Even with insurance I couldn't afford Voltaren gel for my thumbs so I use Arnica cream with essential oils Relief is the word


Arthritis treatment is costly.

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