Knee soreness at 16 weeks

Posted by cindymattern @cindymattern, 6 days ago

I was dismissed from PT December 31 after 3 months. I am experiencing knee soreness more than usual however at my December 22 appointment all X-rays looks normal and was told see you in 9 months.
I do notice that if I wear a knee sleeve that my knee isn't near as sore and I have much more stability. I am able to bend to 120 degrees and have 0 flexion.
Could it be that at 16 weeks because I am more active (walk 4-6,000 steps a day, ride my recumbent bike 15 minutes a day for over 2 miles etc..) that is why I am feeing more sore. By the end of the day I am done and I ice before I go to bed, I also notice more clicking in my knee (more so without the knee brace). Does all this sound normal? I did have Covid for a few weeks but it doesn't seem anymore sore than it did before.

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