Knee revision after 14 months

Posted by ezas123 @ezas123, Oct 13 7:24am

Hi all I have shared my ups and downs … thank you for you words of support through the years…. Well chugging along wanted to share my knee still gets swollen mostly behind my knee which causes a lot of pain … well my chiropractor introduced me to osmo patches been using for month now have been game changer …. No swelling behind or in my knee at this point …,I have been experiencing tightness like band around front of my knee …..she suggested tense unit and roller in thigh and that took the tight feeling away like 80 percent amazing how our body works …. I exercise everyday twice a day it feels great to exercise…..I still at 100 flexion but I still have hope I am working towards 101 lol …

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I need to try those osmo patches…I've read about them but they seem expensive. My PT suggested a roller on the top of my thigh for the tight band I am still feeling at over a year out. How long did it take to work. I recently ordered a theragun on Amazon that of course isn't as much as the one that they had in PT but it felt amazing when I used the one that they had. I'm hoping it will break of the scar tissue and other things causing the tight band feeling. I really thought by now it would be gone. What exercises do you do as I still get really sore especially if I ride my recombent bike. I was told that maybe stretching is the best thing I can do right now as I'm doing everything I did before surgery, just get stiff and sore the more I do. I'm extremely active so sometimes it's not hard for me to do to much.


I stretch throughout the day …. Like you it stiffens quickly….. but yes I started using tense on my thigh and a textured roller to break up tight spots …. My chiropractor explained to me my thigh making my knee tight because of lack of certain movements I cannot do anymore ….. which makes a lot of sense……because when she loosened up my thigh hurt like heck but what relief I got …..I know patches pricy but for me well with it …..I don’t use every night anymore …..I do recombinant bike I cannot use regular bike cause to much hip pain but I do 3 – 30 min sessions a day along with stretching ….. I am going to join gym for winter to get on treadmill maybe that will help …. I do walk a lot I also very active …. But different when you walk for straight 30 min….. I recently went to Disney with my family a lot of walking let me just say I came home took few weeks to get swelling down …..

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