Knee replacement surgery

Posted by lucbeau @lucbeau, Feb 28, 2019

I just had total knee replacement surgery 5 days ago. Been doing fairly well managing pain other than when I am lay down with or without ice and go to get up slide my leg off bed slowly to floor and get the most intense pain. It appears to be worse in lower leg below the knee next to impossible to continue to stand. If I can hang in there for 1-2 minutes then I can start to walk and once I get moving it subsides. It just feels like lower front leg is going to tear open. I did have my second therapy session and would like to get up more but the pain is so intense. I don’t know what is going on or what to do

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Hi, @lucbeau . I'm sorry you are having this problem. I would want other forum members to weigh in, but I experienced something quite like this for about the first week to 10 days post right TKR. I believed it to be caused by full circulation returning to my leg and especially my calf area after I had elevated the leg. I experienced the same sort of sensation 2 years ago after fracturing my left ankle and would lower the leg after a period of elevation.

I'm only giving you my thoughts and experience, but like you, I wouldn't mind finding out for sure what might cause this. Good luck to you, and thanks for posting this thought provoking topic.


Thank you for the reply. I welcome any input


@lucbeau This really does sound unusual but it sounds as if @connie1559 may be on to something. Hopefully, like her, this problem will just go away on its own, but if it doesn’t you really should speak to your doctor about it. I hope it does go away quickly.


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In addition to the help you've received from @connie1559 and @contentandwell, I recommend reviewing other discussions in this group. You are not alone.


Hello…..I am TKR post op week 5+……The first two weeks were hell, plain and simple. I used a leg lifter to get in and out of bed, tons of ice, oxy, dulcolax, and extra strength Tylenol. Had PT the Tuesday after I got home from surgery on Monday. Ankle pumps were all I could handle, plus a walker when I was up and walking. It DOES GET BETTER!!!! If I can add anything, please do whatever PT your in-home therapist has you doing. I know I did mine twice a day…..torture, but well worth the result. If you don't have a leg lifter (got mine on Amazon) you can put your good leg under your bad leg to help you off the bed. Good luck……it DOES get better.

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